Since I have shared My Purpose Prayer, which is my daily morning prayer, I also thought it a good idea to share my evening prayer as well. It is a good habit to have not only a morning prayer and prayers throughout the day, but an evening prayer as well.

Every evening before I go to bed, I engage in my evening ritual: I read an inspirational text, give thanks, visualize, and recite my evening prayer.

I hope you are inspired.

                                                                    My Evening Prayer

As I come to the end of another day of Work and Prayer, I ask You, oh God, to bless magnify and multiply the Work produced today, so that the seeds that have been sewn in Service will yield a rich harvest for Eternity.

May I now rest and slumber in Your Presence and rise again tomorrow to greet You with joy.


Do you have any prayers you would like to share to inspire others? Please feel free to share them or their links below.

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