Have a Coke and Tea with Ramona Houston

Japan-America Society of Georgia Thank you very much to the Japan-America Society of Georgia (JASG) for featuring me as a guest on their video/podcast series “Have a Coke and Tea.” As a member of JASG, I enjoyed talking with Yoshi Domoto, Executive Director of JASG and host of the show.  We explored topics such as […]

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And Still We Rise: Black Women Scholars in the Ebony Tower since 1965

Texas Southern University Thank you to Dr. Karen Kossie-Chernyshev, Professor in the Department of History at Texas Southern University for inviting me to serve as moderator of “And Still We Rise!: Black Women Scholars in the Ebony Tower since 1965.” This powerful conversation highlighted the educational journeys and professional contributions of Black women scholars at […]

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Black Influence on Brown: Impactful, Bold and Beautiful

Chai and Just Chat Thank you to Nazeera Dawood, host and moderator, of “Chai and Just Chat” for inviting me to join her panel discussion “Black Influence on Brown:  Impactful, Bold and Beautiful.” During this engaging discussion, this distinguished panel of scholars and activists explored the historical connection of the African American and South Asian […]

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Learning from History

Impacting Audiences Abroad: Discussions on Race in America

US Embassy Monrovia and US Embassy in Zambia The world looks to America to inspire their movements for social change, and African Americans have played a vital role in these movements to make America the beacon of hope for the world. That is why it was such an honor for me to serve as the […]

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Featured on WURD Radio

What a pleasure it was for me to join Pastor Nick Taliaferro on WURD Radio this month!  Based in Philadelphia with listeners all over the world, “Evening WURDS with Nick Taliaferro,” is a talk radio show that you must put on your daily listening list!  My interview with Pastor Nick occurred on January 4, 2021, […]

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Featured on CEO Blog Nation

Thank you to CEO Blog Nation for featuring me in their article “13 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Their Podcast for Business.”   Podcast has contributed to the growth of my business by propelling my reputation as a Subject Matter Expert (SME). People now recognize my value as a social impact strategist, focusing on race […]

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Miguel Cardona on Ramona Houston blog

Miguel Cardona: President-Elect Joe Biden’s Choice for Secretary of Education

Delivering on his promise of creating a diverse administration, President-Elect Joe Biden has announced his nominee Miguel Cardona for Secretary of Education. From Connecticut, Miguel Cordona has an impressive career in public education. According to The Washington Post, Miguel Cardona is an “inspired choice” to serve as the leader of education in our nation. An […]

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Warnock and Ossoff

Op-ed: Let’s Finish Strong!

Vote Rafael Warnock and Jon Ossoff for US Senate in the Georgia Run-Off Election In November, African Americans and Latino/a Americans voted and made an impact!  We redirected the course of this country by electing Joe Biden for President and Kamala Harris for Vice President.  Our job, however, is not complete. With two U.S. Senate […]

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Joe Biden

Black Men, Seize Your Power and Vote for Joe Biden

Scott Olson/Getty Images As we enter the final days of the 2020 election cycle, African American men have taken center stage in the conversation about this transformative election.  Despite the political realities of the last four years, polling data shows a small, yet significant percentage of African American men supporting President Donald Trump, and another […]

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Joe Biden, Dr Ramona Houston

African Americans, Protect, Preserve, and Push Forward Your Community, Nation and World

Vote for Biden When voting for the president of the United States, historically, African Americans have more often than not felt compelled to vote against a candidate due to the threat the person poses to our community. Not until the presidential campaign of Barack Obama, who represented hope and change, did African Americans feel like we had […]

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