Shaleiah Fox

Shaleiah Fox: Engaging Alumni of Color

Shifting the Philanthropy Conversation at Predominately White Colleges and Universities Today Ramona explores philanthropy and alumni giving in higher education with guest Shaleiah Fox. As predominantly white institutions change the way they recruit a more diverse student body, they should also change the way they engage alumni of color. Learn how Shaleiah, a fundraiser in […]

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Dr. Rhesa Houston

Dr. Rhesa Houston: Finding Her Role in Addressing Institutional Racism and Systemic Oppression

The Assistance Animals Consulting Racial and Social Justice Impact Initiative Today, Ramona talks with her sister Rhesa Houston, DVM, about why and how she developed a racial and social justice initiative for her business Assistance Animals Consulting. Rhesa shares a very personal experience, where she encountered the convergence of the racial and social justice protests […]

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Sandy Holt

Sandy Holt: The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

Championing Hispanic Success in Higher Education In this captivating conversation, Ramona talks to Sandra “Sandy” Holt about the incredible work of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU). With HACU’s mission “To Champion Hispanic Success in Higher Education,” Sandra expands upon the multiple programs of the organization, which include advocacy, student programs, conferences and […]

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Suzette Arnold

Suzette Arnold: The Jamaican Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta

Building Businesses and Empowering Women Today Ramona talks to Suzette Arnold, President of the Jamaican Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta. Suzette discusses the value of the Chamber and its role in growing businesses in the metro-Atlanta area. Suzette also explores her experiences as a female leader in an organization of majority men. Notably, Suzette announces […]

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Elliot Kirk

Elliot Kirk: Building a Family Business

How a Rural Family Overcame Obstacles to Build a Funeral Home Business In this episode, Ramona explores the funeral home business with Elliot Kirk of Brownwood, Texas. Elliot discusses the long road of building the family business, exploring its many challenges and explaining how his family overcame these obstacles. Elliot also provides advice to aspiring […]

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Crystal Mullen-Johnson

Crystal Mullen-Johnson: Take Care of Your Mental Health

The Value of Counseling Services Ramona’s guest today, Chrystal Mullen-Johnson, discusses mental health. As Crystal explains, there is a misunderstanding about mental health in the African American community. Although African Americans experience all types of life stressors, few seek professional help. Most internalize their pain and, consequently, suffer in silence. According to Crystal, African Americans […]

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Jim Estrada

Jim Estrada: Create Your Success

Advice on Building a Career that You Enjoy Today Ramona talks with Jim Estrada about how to build a career that brings joy and satisfaction. Jim’s advice includes identifying role models and mentors, surrounding yourself with affirming people and staying connected to your culture and community. Jim is a recognized pioneer in ethnic marketing communications […]

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Angela Fobbs

Angela Fobbs: Every American Citizen Around the World Must Vote

Democrats Abroad and the Global Black Caucus Mobilize Democrats Around the Globe Ramona’s guest today is Angela Fobbs, founding member and Chair of the Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus and elected member of the Democrats Abroad Germany Executive Committee. In their discussion, Angela talks about the work of the Democrats Abroad and their efforts to […]

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Kent Jones

Kent Jones: Building a Successful Business Enterprise

How to Go from an Idea to a Sustainable Business – Kent Jones provides insight on how to create and build a successful business. Kent explores topics such as creating a business plan, marketing, and the importance of sustaining capital.

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WNBA - Say Her Name

Ladies of the WNBA Lead!

Although they are rarely recognized, female athletes are exhibiting their leadership in this historical moment. The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and the Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA) have partnered to create The Justice Movement and the Social Justice Council to advance to racial and social justice.   In fact the WNBA has dediciated […]

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