Anita Henderson

Anita Henderson: Tell Your Own Stories!

Why You Should Write about Your Life – As the saying goes, “History is told by the victor.” Ramona talks to Anita Henderson, owner of The Write Image and creator of the Write Your Life Author Coaching Program, about the importance of writing.

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Alfred Ramirez

Alfred Ramirez: Follow Your Heart and Passion

How to Create Your Own Professional Odyssey Some people stay on one job their entire life, while others create a professional Odyssey. In conversation with Ramona, Alfred Ramirez shares how to design a lifetime of rewarding professional experiences. One theme runs throughout his career, Alfred has always followed his heart and passions. Whether working in higher education […]

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The Unsung Legacy of Congressman John Lewis:

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I was a bright-eyed Clark Atlanta University student from Brownwood, Texas, eager to learn everything I could.  Morehouse College Martin Luther King, Jr. Chapel was a frequent destination.  It served as a place where I could see and learn from people whom I could have only imagined, as a girl from a small Texas town. […]

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Dr. Juan Andrade

Dr. Juan Andrade: The Unsung Legacy of Congressman John Lewis

John Lewis—The Fuse that Launched Latino Political Power and Leadership Development. In this special episode, Ramona’s guest, Dr. Juan Andrade, shares the fascinating history and unsung legacy of Congressman John Lewis in the political empowerment and leadership development of the Latino community.

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Dr. Mara Perez

Dr. Mara Perez: Invest in Your Community

The Importance of Philanthropy — Dr. Mara Perez, Founder and Principal of Latino Futures, discusses the importance of Latinos and African Americans engaging in philanthropy—both as donors and as professionals. According to Dr. Perez, the Black and Brown communities must become more involved in the philanthropic sector on multiple levels to ensure the viability of organizations that serve our communities.

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Cause Marketing and Atlanta History with Marilyn Pearlman

Cause Marketing and Atlanta History with Marilyn Pearlman — Today’s guest is Marilyn Pearlman, Founder and Principal of Atlanta Cause Marketing and PR. Ramona talks to her about her professional evolution working in the field of public relations and cause marketing. Through her agency, Marilyn connects businesses and nonprofits to advance the good of humanity and promote both entities.

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Dr. Brian Gosa: Take Control of Your Health!

Today, Ramona speaks with Pharmacist Dr. Brian Gosa of Montgomery, Alabama, who now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, addressing health disparities within the Black and Brown communities. As a health advocate, Dr. Gosa encourages individuals to take control of their health by educating themselves about health…

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podcast: Episode 2 with guest Lydia Camarillo

Accelerating the Political Power of the Latinx Community: Lydia Camarillo Lydia Camarillo, President of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP), explains the history and importance of building the political power of the Latinx community. Based in San Antonio, Lydia discusses the founding of SVREP and its role in increasing Latino/a political participation. Asserting the […]

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podcast: Episode 1 with guest Dr Rhesa Houston

Leader in the Field of Veterinary Medicine: Dr. Rhesa Houston Ramona talks to her younger sister Rhesa Houston, DVM, Founder and CEO of Assistance Animals Consulting (AAC), who explains how AAC partners with health care professionals and organizations to serve as a veterinary resource for any human-animal intervention treatment plans. After realizing there was a gap […]

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Podcast 'The Empowerment Zone' with Ramona Houston

Podcast: The Empowerment Zone

In ‘The Empowerment Zone’ Dr Ramona Houston focusses on building the power of the African American and Latinx communities. In this show we zone in on all aspects of Black and Brown empowerment: We support building economic, political, educational and social power. We advocate for health, philanthropy and service. We champion racial and social justice. We critically […]

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