Tracey Washington

Choosing Purposeful Alignment

Today Ramona talks to Tracey Greene-Washington about her new book Choosing Purposeful Alignment: The Messy Middle of Transformation. According to Tracey, during the transformation process of aligning with one’s life’s mission, many experience the “messy middle” of change. Listen to this insightful conversation as Ramona and Tracey discuss her new book, which seeks to inspire […]

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Dr. Garrick White

How can communities advance positive youth development?

Many people believe that today’s youth have no direction nor purpose. Dr. Garrick White explains that this challenge exists because of the absence of adults in the lives of young people. Join Ramona and Dr. White today as they explore the significance and value of adults being present with and investing in young people. Learn […]

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Gabriel Vaca

Latino Leadership and Business Success

Developing Latino leadership, growing Latino businesses, and promoting diversity have always been central to the work of Gabriel Vaca. His career has spanned entrepreneurship, a 24-year history in corporate America (UPS International), and leading the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Join Ramona today as Gabriel discusses his passion and work in developing Latino leadership and […]

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Raquel Ark

Grow your listening superpowers

Learning how to listen is a skill that can enhance your personal and professional life. In fact, listening is an essential skill, especially for leaders. Join Ramona today as Raquel Ark teaches us how to develop our listening superpowers. Raquel is a communication expert, coach, facilitator and podcast host of “Listen in with Raquel Ark.” […]

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Kenneth and AC Fields

How can entrepreneurs do business better?

Are you a business owner seeking ways to improve your outcomes? Technology is one of the solutions you can use to enhance opportunities and increase revenue. That is what IT-Henhouse is all about. Join Ramona as Kenneth and AC Fields explain how they help businesses by developing technology that improves performance. Partners in life and […]

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Dr. Patricia Parker

Ella Baker’s Catalytic Leadership

Ella Baker is one of America’s most impactful civil rights leaders. That is why you should join Ramona today as she talks to Dr. Patricia Parker about her new book Ella Baker’s Catalytic Leadership: A Primer on Community Engagement and Communication for Social Justice. As America enters another phase of social change, we can learn […]

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Dr. Karen Kossie-Chernyshev

And Still We Rise!: Black Women Scholars, A Conversation, March 31, 2021

And Still We Rise!: Black Women Scholars in the Ebony Tower Since 1965, is a conversation highlighting the educational journeys and professional contributions of Black women scholars at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s). Join Ramona and Dr. Karen Kossie-Chernyshev as they discuss the upcoming summit, which will be held March 31, 2021, at noon […]

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Martina Jimenez

How do you become financially prosperous?

Martina Jimenez has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. Early in her career she discovered the prevalence of minority wealth disparity and financial illiteracy. This epiphany led Martina to devote her carer to creating wealth for all and eliminating ignorance about money and wealth. Join Ramona for this insightful conversation as […]

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Adán Medrano

“Truly Texas Mexican”

Documentaries are a great way to document history and tell stories. Chef, author and film producer, Adán Medrano is doing just that through his new movie “Truly Texas Mexican.” The road movie weaves through Texas cities, naming the racism that erased Native American history and celebrating the food that kept alive the community’s living memory […]

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Dr. Carolyne A. Opinde

Women’s Empowerment Roundtable Summit, March 19, 2021

In commemoration of Women’s History Month, the International Women’s Think Tank (IWTT), the United Nations Association of USA, Atlanta Chapter (UNA-Atlanta), and the Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development (RCE Greater Atlanta) are hosting their virtual Women’s Empowerment Roundtable Summit: Achieving Global Goals, Best Practices and Lessons Learned this month. Join Ramona […]

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