Dr. Carolyne A. Opinde

Book Launch: Fit For The Future – A Guidebook For Nonprofits To Thrive In A Changing World (Volume 1)

Dr. Carolyne Opinde: Empowering NGOs to Build a More Sustainable World Non-governmental organizations, also referred to as NGOs, focus on solving some of the most pressing social challenges facing communities and nations around the world. To successfully execute their social missions, NGOs must build strong infrastructures consisting of knowledge, processes and resources. The NGO Whisperer […]

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Dr. Constance Craig-Mason

Mastering Financial Fundamentals

Dr. Constance Craig-Mason: Preparing individuals for financial well-being Financial education and literacy is so important to living a financially secure and abundant life, yet so many African Americans and Latinos lack the knowledge they need to create financial success for themselves and their families. Join Ramona as she talks to Dr. Constance Craig-Mason about how […]

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Melvin M. Coleman

How can African Americans expand their power and influence?

Melvin M. Coleman: Black Economic Empowerment through Ownership and Control Since the development of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, African Americans have primarily served as a source of labor in the American and global economy. This has limited the ability of African Americans to build wealth, which leads to power and influence. Listen to the conversation […]

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Rebekah Ratliff

Are you crab in a barrel?

Rebekah Ratliff: inspiring an end the crab in a barrel syndrome In this climate of heightened awareness around the need for diverse perspectives and equitable inclusion, individuals must be intentional about making an impact. Listen to a candid conversation between friends as Ramona chats with Rebekah Ratliff about the need for individuals to be supportive […]

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Daryl Perry

Insurance: do you know what you really need?

Daryl Perry: empowering clients to maximize their insurance investments It is open enrollment! It is that time of year to explore your insurance needs and determine what is best for you and your family. Insurance is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Join Ramona as she talks to Daryl Perry, a ten-year veteran of […]

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Philippe Jean-Bart

How do you Build a “Career in a Year”?

Philippe Jean-Bart: The Advantages of Technical Education It is a fact: everyone does not have the ability or the resources to pursue a traditional four-year college education. According to Philippe Jean-Bart that is why technical education and training is so valuable. Join the conversation as Ramona talks to Philippe about the value and benefits of […]

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Maloase Mogodi

How can African and African American Women Empower each other?

Maloase Mogodi: South African Women’s Alliance Economic empowerment is important to all women. That is why it is essential for women in various parts of the world to build relationships in order to create more opportunities with and for each other. Maloase Mogodi seeks to create this connection as Founder and President of the South African […]

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Letycia Pastrana

How the CSA, AFL-CIO impacts communities

Letycia Pastrana: The Community Services Agency of the Metro-Washington Council, AFL-CIO The AFL-CIO continues to empower and inspire families and communities. The Community Services Agency (CSA) of the Metropolitan-Washington Council, AFL-CIO is on a mission to continue that tradition. Listen to the conversation today as Ramona talks to Letycia Pastrana, Executive Director, about the work […]

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Donna P. Riley

What is Business Etiquette Anyway?

Donna P. Riley: Building pleasant work environments through etiquette Have you ever felt disrespected? Many people are stressed out in the marketplace and in general due to the fact that they feel disrespected. The use of proper business etiquette can eliminate misunderstandings, and using simple common courtesies can make a difference in your everyday work […]

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Marlon Addison

How do you zero in on your zone of genius?

Marlon Addison: Arousing your fullest potential through Marlon Mentors Join Ramona as she delves deep into the connection between Emotional Intelligence and Sales with the CEO (Chief Emotional Officer) of “MarlonMentors”, Marlon Addison. Marlon’s vision of and for “Marlon Mentors” is to provide individuals the language to relationally communicate, the tools to socially navigate, and […]

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