Ramona Houston, PhD, PMP

Community Strategist / Public Speaker

“We live in a moment and in a world
where businesses have to be solutions
for the social challenges that face our
global community.”

— Ramona Houston

As a social impact strategist, Dr Ramona Houston is passionate about community engagement and solving social problems. She believes that all business enterprises—no matter their size—have the capacity and the responsibility to serve the community and address social challenges. Ramona founded Kaliráh Strategies to support businesses that embrace social responsibility, champion diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), and invest in social impact.

With over 20 years of experience, Ramona has coordinated a variety of social impact projects, including diversity strategies, racial and social justice initiatives, conferences, leadership programs, fundraisers and foreign missions. Ramona earned her PhD degrees in History from The University of Texas at Austin and her BA degree in Spanish and History from Clark Atlanta University.

I help corporations, businesses, and public figures use their power and platforms to make a social impact. As a trusted partner, I am your solution for the lack of resources and expertise to implement your vision and foster cultural change.

Every modern enterprise should have a solid social impact strategy—a humanitarian, purpose-driven intention to positively impact society.

Research shows that businesses who fulfill an integrated role within the community, bolster their brand image and generate loyal customers, devoted employees and enthusiastic investors. Furthermore, businesses that champion DE&I possess a competitive advantage. Social responsibility, therefore, has become an essential business strategy.

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Ramona Houston

Dr Ramona Houston

Ramona Houston, Ph.D., PMP, has a multifaceted career as a scholar, educator and community engagement strategist.

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