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Recent activity

Stephanie Lopez

How does America increase Latina representation in public service?

Although Latinos make up nearly 20 percent of the US population, they hold less than 2 percent of all local, state, and federal elected and appointed offices. LatinasRepresent, an initiative of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA), is on a mission to change this reality by working to increase Latina civic engagement and political representation […]

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Jasmine Stevenson

Teaching Children Confidence… with Dance

In the art of dance nothing comes easy. Dance teaches the discipline to never give up. Dance also teaches life skills needed for other aspects of life and career. Join Ramona today as she and Jasmine Stevenson explore the value of the art of dance. They discuss how dance builds confidence within children at an […]

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Dr. Adriana Ayala

What is the value of Service Leadership?

Ramona and her classmate Dr. Adriana Ayala explore the importance of education, service and leadership. As the Executive Director of the Chicana Latina Foundation (CLF), Dr. Ayala talks about how the CLF helps college students by providing scholarships and leadership development. CLF uses service leadership, relationship building, and the cultural cura (embracing culture as a […]

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