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Thought leader in African American and Latino history and relations, champion for higher education

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Ramona Houston, Ph.D., PMP
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Teaching women and girls a holistic approach to living healthy, prosperous and fulfilling lives

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Show Up!

“Just show up, and I will bless you when you get there.” – Spirit Sometimes we would rather stay in our misery than get to Work and be blessed. The problem for most is not the work itself, but the fact that we don’t show up. All you have to do to maintain and sustain […]

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Arriving to Campus Part I: Organize!

You are in the midst of an exciting moment. You are in college! Congratulations! You have worked hard to get here, and now it is time for the adventure to begin! Hopefully, you are participating in new student orientation and meeting new friends. Classes have not yet started, so you have a lot of time. […]

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Need a Morning Wake Up Call?

I first published this blog in 2012. Since I have begun my Monday inspirational blog this year, I thought it appropriate to republish it. Enjoy! “Get up! Get busy! And go get your Inheritance!” – Spirit God has great things in store and stored up for you! You have your own Divine Inheritance that God […]

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