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Recent activity

Alfred Ramirez

How do you achieve maximum impact and sustainability?

Many individuals are continually seeking ways to improve their performance and impact. Join Ramona today as she and Alfred Ramirez discuss how to develop techniques and procedures that will help you to become more effective in your professional and personal life. Alfred Ramirez is President of Diverse Strategies Now. Originally, from Los Angeles, Alfred now […]

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Ramona Houston

Providing Strategies for College Success

Ramona shares details from her unpublished manuscript that provides students with strategies for college success, focussing particularly on relationships. Her recommendations, based on in-depth research and countless conversations with professionals and educators point out the importance of developing healthy, enjoyable and affirming connections in college.

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Dr. Robert Yancy

Why is there a renewed interest in Historically Black Colleges and Universities?

Currently, there is a rise and immense interest in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). More students as well as prominent professionals such as Deione Sanders and Nikole Hannah-Jones are now attending and/or working at HBCUs. Listen to the conversation today as Ramona talks to Dr. Robert Yancy about the various reasons African Americans are […]

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