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Recent activity

Virginia Diaz-Laughlin

Women in Film-Making

For more than 30 years, Virginia Diaz-Laughlin has broken barriers in the film and video industry in production management. She has worked on commercials, feature films, television movies and syndicated shows. Feature film credits include “Rushmore,” “Apollo 13,” and my personal favorite “Selena.” Her most recent accomplishment is “Truly Texas Mexican: A Native Culinary Heritage […]

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Stephanie Lang

Is the history of your family and community valuable?

Join Ramona as she talks to Stephanie Lang about the importance and power of African Americans and people of color collecting, preserving and presenting the histories and stories of their families and communities. According to Stephanie, African Americans and other marginalized communities must be agents in making sure that their voices are heard and included […]

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Dr. Herman Turner

How do doctors address health disparities in the African American Community?

In this episode Ramona talks to Dr. Herman Turner about health disparities and his work with indigent populations. During their discussion Dr. Turner also explores his educational and professional experiences as an African American man in the STEM field. Listen to learn about the challenges as well as rewards of working with people who have […]

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