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Elisa Lagrange

Ladies, do we have the right mindset for success?

Success is all about mindset. Elisa Lagrange is on a mission to help women to operate in their zone of genius. In this engaging discussion, Elisa teaches women strategies on managing their minds. Elisa is a multicultural marketer who helps entrepreneurs and individuals build profitable businesses and significant lives. A native of Argentina, Elisa lives […]

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Marlon Addison

Are you tapping into your Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is important to personal and professional success. According to Marlon Addison, EI is a learnable skill. Discover more about EI and how it can enhance your performance, relationships, and career. Marlon is a sales and marketing leader, who has trained sales teams and college students on Emotional Intelligence for over ten years. […]

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Ari Perrymond

Inspiring children to dream BIG!

Imagination is key to achieving your dreams. Eleven-year-old Ari Perrymond is sparking the imagination of children through “Ari’s DreamWorld.” Created to engage, excite and educate young learners all over the world, the YouTube show inspires children to embrace their visionary powers. Join Ramona as she talks to her niece Ari about her new creative venture. […]

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