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“Wicked Policing”:  A Reality in All Black Communities throughout America

I am probably one of few people in America who has not seen the George Floyd video.  Furthermore, I do not have any plans to watch it, nor the brutal beating of Tyre Nichols, the next saga of “Wicked Policing:  The American Tragedy.” It is hard for me to stomach violence in movies, let alone […]

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Christian McBride

The Extraordinary Impact of Artists

From James Brown to Winton Marsalis, artists have an incredible amount of influence, impacting all aspects of society and people, including today’s guest Christian McBride. Listen to Ramona’s conversation as Christian talks about the music and the artists who have impacted his life and his development as a musician. According to Christian, example is of […]

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Peter Martin

How do you grow a business?

Peter Martin is Ramona’s inspiration for starting her podcast (https://ramonahouston.com/podcast/how-do-you-start-a-podcast/), and today she talks to him about his entrepreneurial journey. Growing from the free “Two Minute Jazz” video podcast to “Open Studio,” an online jazz education platform that currently has over 3000 students from 120 countries in the world, Peter shares his advice on what […]

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