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Recent activity

Dr. Emilio Zamora

Part I: The Social Responsibility of the scholar

Scholars have always played a significant role in movements to advance racial and social justice. In Part 1 of his conversation with Ramona, Dr. Emilio Zamora discusses his career trajectory as a Mexican Americanist historian and how his research has shaped his consciousness of social responsibility and his approach as a scholar activist. Expanding on […]

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Sharif El-Mekki

How can communities increase the number of African American teachers?

Many individuals matriculate through their formative years in K-12 education without having an African American teacher. This is a problem for multiple reasons. Listen to Ramona’s conversation with Sharif El-Mekki as they discuss why there are so few African American teachers and what communities must do to intentionally attract them to the profession. The Center […]

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Kamela Boyd

How can African Americans and Latino/as influence media?

Listen to Part II of Ramona’s discussion with Atlanta-based media and communications expert Kamela Boyd. Kamela shares her thoughts about the evolving impact media has on culture and marketing. She also discusses why it is so important for African American and Latino/a professionals to pursue careers in journalism. According to Kamela, media has a profound […]

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