Lovell Hooks

How has jazz music evolved over the years?

Jazz is America’s classical music. Join the conversation as Ramona discusses jazz with radio personality Lovell Hooks, host of “Jazz, Straight No Chaser” on community radio WRFG 89.3 FM in Atlanta. Lovell’s show has been on the air for 30 years—the longest running show on the station. Lovell educates audiences about jazz through playing its […]

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Rep. Donna McLeod

The power of civic and political engagement

The mid-term elections are right around the corner. Part of social responsibility is embracing your civic duties and responsibilities. Join Ramona as she talks to Georgia State Representative Donna McLeod about why individuals should participate in their local and national elections. In addition to voting, Rep. McLeod also emphasizes the importance of holding elected officials […]

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Dr. Abel Bartley

The importance of studying and understanding history

African Americans and people of color represent tremendous potential, which is not being harnessed. Americans have an obligation to study our past so that we can avoid creating mistakes in the future. Listen to the conversation as two American historians, Dr. Abel Bartley and Ramona, discuss the value of learning history. Dr. Abel Bartley is […]

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Ricki Fairley

Why should African Americans care about breast cancer?

Like many health disparities, African American women disproportionately suffer from breast cancer. The statistics are overwhelming. Listen in as Ramona talks to Ricki Fairley about the dangers of breast cancer among African American women. Ricki shares her personal experiences with breast cancer and her work in TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance (BBCA) to inspire […]

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Marlon Addison

Being a Good Father

There is nothing like having a loving and devoted father. That is just what Marlon Addison is. Join Ramona for Marlon’s second appearance on the show as they discuss the passion, responsibility and commitment involved in being a present and engaged father. The two share their personal stories of their fathers and the impact that […]

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Dr. Dwight Andrews

African American Music: The Nucleus for Resistance and Resilience

Music created by African Americans has always had a purpose. Music provided African Americans a voice, despite the fact that throughout American history there has been an effort to silence them. Listen to the conversation as Dr. Dwight Andrews and Ramona discuss the history and significance of music as the center of the African American […]

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Kent Jones

How do you avoid becoming a “Fad Entrepreneur?”

There are all type of entrepreneurs, and according to Kent Jones, many are “fad entrepreneurs.” Join the conversation for Kent’s second appearance on “The Empowerment Zone” as Ramona and Kent discuss the most critical work in developing successful business. As Kent explains, entrepreneurs must create systems that enable their businesses to become profitable and sustaining […]

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Dr Ramona Houston

Motivational Monday: Do you need a morning wake up call?

Ramona has your #MondayMotivation covered! She shares one of her blogs. According to Ramona, each of you have your own Divine Inheritance that God has created especially for you! Listen today as Ramona inspires you to go get everything that God has for you!

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Nicole Moreno-Deinzer

How do you grow and pivot a business?

Ramona talks to magazine publisher Nicole Moreno-Deinzer. Nicole dives into, not only the creation of Epifania Magazine, but her mindset throughout the way—from imposter syndrome to confidence, to growth. Listen to the conversation today as Ramona and Nicole discuss the challenges and rewards of growing a business. Nicole is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Epifania […]

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Kebbi Williams

Advice for Atlanta Mayor-elect Andre Dickens

There are so many cities known for their music and the arts, and Grammy award-winning saxophonist Kebbi Williams is on a mission to make Atlanta one of the top. Listen today as Ramona talks to Kebbi about his advice for his childhood friend, Mayor-elect of Atlanta Andre Dickens, on how to lead the City of […]

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