Amerika Garcia Grewal

Democrats Abroad: Providing Americans living internationally a voice in government

Political empowerment is an important aspect of power. Join Ramona today as she talks to Texas voter Amerika Garcia Grewal about Democrats Abroad. Amerika is the Asia Pacific Deputy Regional Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad. During her discussion with Ramona Amerika talks about how she shifted from cause-based activism to politics after moving outside the […]

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Edward Vargas

How do you work beyond labels to develop collaborations?

With this episode “The Empowerment Zone” begins its celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Although the podcast celebrates the achievements and contributions of the Latino/a/x community 365 days a year, Ramona recognizes the value and importance of commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month. Today Ramona talks with speaker, author, mentor and consultant Edward Vargas. Ed discusses his path […]

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Russell Gunn

The Forces of Jazz and History Unite: “The Sirius Mystery” (new CD)

Sacred music and the artists who create it are treasures within all cultures. Today Ramona talks to one of Atlanta’s treasures Russell Gunn. Listen to this enlightening conversation between Ramona and Russell as they explore the worlds of music and history, the African Diaspora, and his latest CD “The Sirius Mystery.” Russell discusses his musical […]

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Dr. Anju Reejhsinghani

How do you transition into Higher Education Administration Seamlessly?

Many professionals aspire to work in higher education administration. Despite this clear goal, it may be difficult for some individuals to achieve, especially since there are multiple routes. Join Ramona today as she talks to Dr. Anju Reejhsinghani about the steps professionals must take in order to move into higher education administration. Dr. Reejhsinghani is […]

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Dr. Valencia Sylvain Stinson

Healing and Domestic Violence

“The man I love or the woman I love” could be declarations of emotion. This statement can produce wonderful feelings until that emotional connection is riddled with violence and abuse. Join Ramona and Dr. Valencia Sylvain Stinson today as they examine domestic violence. Dr. Sylvain Stinson shares her personal story and provides advice on how […]

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Ambrose Leburu

Are you committed to the change you want to see in your life?

Creating change in your life can seem daunting for some people. Many become overwhelmed, leaving them feeling stuck. If you want to learn some simple steps on how to create change in your life, listen to the discussion today as Ambrose Leburu shares his methodology on how to successfully change. Ambrose is a professional trainer […]

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Dr. Katherine Bynum

Black and Brown Coalitions against Police Brutality in Dallas, Texas

The African American and Mexican American communities have a long history of working together in Texas to advance civil rights. Listen to the conversation today as Ramona and scholar Dr. Katherine Bynum discuss Black and Brown coalition-building against police brutality in Dallas, Texas. During their discussion they explore how the Black and Brown freedom struggles […]

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Glenice Harris

Building Wealth from Black Wall Street to Black Main Street

Financial independence comes with having a vision for your future and your family’s future. It is about planning in advance for the expected and the unexpected. Financial factors to consider are health insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance, a plan for your child’s college education, a retirement plan, an emergency fund, etc. Listen today as […]

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Melvin Jones

How has COVID changed the arts and education in America?

COVID has deeply impacted both the artistic and educational communities. In fact, many professional practitioners of the arts dually function in various levels of education. As nations across the world begin to emerge from this shared moment in history, we will discover more and more how the pre-COVID ideas of normalcy and the conventional models […]

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Dr. Deena González

Moving from Faculty to Administration

As faculty progress through their professional careers, many choose to move into higher education administration. Although these positions require a different skillset and much more time and energy, being an administrator does have its rewards. Administrators have the opportunity to shape the strategy and direction of the institution. Enjoy the conversation today as Ramona talks […]

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