Since children who are detained at the American Southern Border cannot speak for themselves, it is up to us—the loving, the caring, the humane—to make sure that their silent cries are heard.

In their article entitled “Migrant child alleges she was ‘beaten and abused’ at Clint, Texas border station,” nbcnews.com ’s Julia Ainsley and Jacob Soboroff report that children continue to accuse abuse by US Border Patrol officers.

The important points of this article are as follows:

  • A child reported abuse on March 12; however, as of July 9, the incident was still under open investigation by the Customs and Border Protections’s Office of Professional Responsibility.
  • The allegation follows other reports by children who have accused border protection officers of misconduct and abuse while detained in border stations.
  • Government agencies and officials continue to drag their feet in administering disciplinary actions to Border Patrol officers.

Thank you to Julia Ainsley and Jacob Soboroff for continuing to keep the public informed about what is happening on the US/Mexican border with migrant families and children who are seeking asylum in the US.

How can Americans sit idly and allow the detention of human beings, separation of families and abuse of children continue in this nation? Have we not learned from our painful history through the experiences of enslaved Africans, Native Americans and Japanese? Do we not realize that this behavior on the US/Mexican border is inhumane, immoral, unethical, unjust, and, yes, un-Christian?

As stated in my blog “Speak Out and Speak Up America!: Separating Children from their Families is Not American,”ALL Americans are responsible for what is happening at the US/Mexican border.” If we want the atrocities to end, Americans must do something to end it! Complacency and silence is NOT an option.

With this in mind, I have determined that my role is to educate; therefore I am creating a new blog category entitled “Take heed to the Border!” Through this effort I am committed to keeping my network and audience as well as others who come into my realm of influence informed about issues related to migrants on the US/Mexican border. Information is power! My expectation is that this information will transform the way Americans think about, talk about and approach human beings who arrive in the US from Central and South America and just happen to be migrants.

The detention, separation, and abuse of families and children on the US/Mexican border is affecting real people, real lives, and, yes, real children.

What will you do?

An American historian specializing in African American and Mexican American history and relations, Ramona Houston, PhD, PMP, promotes multi-racial/ethnic coalitions to advance racial equity and social justice. She serves the community by helping audiences to identify and address racial bias in order to increase their capacity and effectiveness in producing positive social change. Contact Dr. Houston to learn how she may support you or your organization.

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