Dr. Carolyne Opinde: Empowering NGOs to Build a More Sustainable World

Non-governmental organizations, also referred to as NGOs, focus on solving some of the most pressing social challenges facing communities and nations around the world. To successfully execute their social missions, NGOs must build strong infrastructures consisting of knowledge, processes and resources. The NGO Whisperer Center for Social Impact is focused on just that: empowering NGOs for success. Join Ramona as she talks to Dr. Carolyne Opinde about her new book Fit For The Future – A Guidebook For Nonprofits To Thrive In A Changing World (Volume 1). This book explores many of the essential elements that NGOs must put in place to be successful. Carolyne A. Opinde Dr.h.c. is an award-winning social impact expert, author, speaker and the Founder and CEO of The NGO Whisperer® Centre For Social Impact. Originally from Kenya, Dr. Opinde currently lives in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Resources: https://ngowhisperer.com/


  • Dr. Carolyne Opinde’s journey to becoming a leader in social impact
  • Evolution of the NGO Whisperer Centre for Social Impact
  • Importance of social innovation
  • NGO Whisperer Global Summit 2023
  • Fit for the Future: A Guidebook for Nonprofits to Thrive in a Changing World (Volume 1)
  • Evolution of the book
  • Various challenges facing NGOs
  • Role of leadership in developing successful NGOs

Dr. Carolyne A. Opinde

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