There are so many careers that individuals with a Ph.D. in history can pursue. We possess a myriad of valuable skills and abilities needed in every sector of our society. Recently, I published an article in Perspective on History, The Newsmagazine of the American Historical Association, arguing this point. In this essay I highlight the range of skills that historians possess and contend that historians should expand and explore the vast amount of professional possibilities before us.

As a part of their Career Diversity for Historians initiative the American Historical Association (AHA) has been working to prepare graduate students for a range of career options within and outside of academia. It is indeed a pleasure to write for the Career Paths section of the magazine. This section features historians who have built careers outside of the academy.

Thank you to the American Historical Association for allowing me to share my thoughts, experience and professional trajectory with your audience. It is always a pleasure to assist the AHA and our profession in any way that I can!

Casting a Wider Net: History PhDs, Change Your Perspective!

Published in Perspectives on History, the Newsmagazine of the American Historical Association, April 2016

If you have earned or are currently pursuing a PhD in history and think being a college professor is the only career option for you, you have been hoodwinked!—totally misinformed, misguided, and misled. Despite the pervading ignorance about the numerous career paths for history PhDs, there is hope for the nonconformists—the intellectual explorers and the academic conquistadors. Embrace this: no matter where you are in your career, now< is the time for you to recognize, believe in, and realize your exceptional abilities, immense value, and infinite potential. Everything changes once you change your perspective.

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