Arriving to Campus Part I: Organize!

Categories: General Topics

You are in the midst of an exciting moment. You are in college! Congratulations! You have worked hard to get here, and now it is time for the adventure to begin! Hopefully, you are participating in new student orientation and meeting new friends. Classes have not yet started, so you have a lot of time. […]

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Casting a Wider Net: History PhDs, Change Your Perspective!

Categories: Opinion pieces

There are so many careers that individuals with a Ph.D. in history can pursue. We possess a myriad of valuable skills and abilities needed in every sector of our society. Recently, I published an article in Perspective on History, The Newsmagazine of the American Historical Association, arguing this point. In this essay I highlight the […]

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Finding, Funding and Attending Conferences as a Graduate Student

Categories: Opinion pieces

Interview with Scholar Studio, April 2016 I recently conducted an interview with Scholar Studio to discuss the importance of graduate students attending professional meetings and conferences. As an educator who teaches students strategies for college success, I have always promoted the value of students participating in organizations and conferences in their respective disciplines and areas […]

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