Get up every morning on Purpose. This is finishing time! This is not the time to procrastinate or lollygag. This is not the time to defer to later or to tomorrow. This is not the time to get discouraged or frustrated. This is finishing time!

This is the time more than ever to move forward expeditiously with Purpose and intent. This is the time to reach and cross the finishing line.

Sew a radical seed of obedience today. DO the work that God has commissioned, entrusted and empowered you to do!

Work diligently, consistently, and with a sense of Purpose and urgency. Press forward towards your victory.

Refuse to see the wind! Declare, claim, believe in, and see the victory God has for you.

You have the victory NOW. Act like it and finish!


What inspires you to keep moving forward until you cross the finish line?

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