Russell Simmons shared his book Super Rich:  A Guide to Having It All at the Hope Global Forum a few years ago.  I enjoyed the reading.  Below are my top five spiritual takeaways from the book.

Top 5 Takeaways on how to get everything you want according to Russell Simmons:

  1. Take control of your consciousness. Align your thoughts, words and actions with your desires.  Focus on where you want to be then concentrate your energy–spiritual, mental and physical–on moving through action toward your desire.  Know that everything stems from your inner life and what you choose to act
  2. Every day set the goals of being clear, focused and Purpose-driven; moving forward; and giving no energy to distractions.
  3. Action! Action!  Action!  Move forward daily through action!  The only way you make progress (movement towards a desire/destination) is through action.  Maintain forward movement daily through action.  The more concentrated action, the more progress.  Understand that not every movement has to be a leap.  Any movement forward–even if it is a small step–is significant because it is moving you closer to your desire.  Each and every day make the effort to take a step towards your desire.  Move forward daily!  Most importantly, consistently maintain forward movement through sustaining a spirit of action until you achieve your desire.
  4. Focus intensely on the task at hand. It is through concentrated effort that you limit distractions and block out noise, consequently, accomplishing more and resulting in more progress. Zone in on your work.
  5. Increase awareness through study, meditation and prayer. Nurture and tap into the Power of your Goddess-self.


Of these five takeaways, which one inspires you most?  Which ones do you have to work on the most?

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