Everyday, rise with the Spirit of Expectancy!

Expect a great day! Expect the fulfillment of your desires! Expect the Universe to do something spectacular in your life today! Expect your Inheritance—every good thing that God has for you! Expect miracles! Expect abundance! In fact, expect abundance in every area of your life! Expect abundant love, abundant joy, abundant peace, abundant happiness, abundant blessings, abundant favor, abundant grace, abundant time, abundant affirming relationships, abundant divine ideas, abundant resources, abundant opportunities, abundant success!

In essence, begin each day with expectancy in your spirit and mind, and then live your day and your life in that attitude and mindset. Set your course by first setting your mind. Use expectancy as your compass to guide you to all of the good that God has for you, and then go about your day and life enthusiastically receiving your Divine expectations!


What are you expecting today? How do you set your mind and spirit for the day? Please feel free to share below.

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