Dr. Vicki Ruiz

What is one of the most powerful gifts to give to others?

Dr. Vicki Ruiz: The Gift of Mentorship Have you had a mentor that made a significant impact on your life? Have you ever considered serving as a mentor to others? Join the conversation as Ramona talks to distinguished professor and historian Dr. Vicki Ruiz about the gift of mentorship. Dr. Ruiz discusses how mentors transform […]

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Dr. Shaun M. Anderson

How can sports teams be more effective in community impact?

Dr. Shaun M. Anderson: Advancing social responsibility in sports Sports teams and athletes have always influenced social change. In this episode Ramona talks to professor and social responsibility champion Dr. Shaun M. Anderson about the power of athletes and sports teams in impacting and transforming society. His work focuses on the intersections of sports, politics, […]

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Why is writing a significant aspect of empowerment?

Dr. Emma Pérez: The power of writing in transforming people and society Life-writing can be healing, empowering, and community-making when shared with others. Ultimately, words have the power to change minds and lives. That is why writing our own stories is so important. Listen to Ramona’s conversation as she talks with the esteemed historian Dr. […]

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Izora Jones, Loretta Houston, and Rita Sibert

It is Juneteenth!

A Texas Family Celebrates: Izora Jones, Loretta Houston and Rita Sibert Juneteenth is now a National Holiday, and The Empowerment Zone” is celebrating. In today’s episode Ramona provides a brief overview of the history of Juneteenth. Afterwards, she has a lively and engaging conversation with her family about the history and significance of Juneteenth. Natives […]

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Dr. Sarah Zenaida Gould

How do Museums Advance History and Social Change?

Dr. Sarah Zenaida Gould: Mexican American Civil Rights Institute Most of the time when we think of US Civil Rights history, we primarily think of it in a black/white dichotomy. In today’s episode, Ramona talks to museum professional and public historian Dr. Sarah Zenaida Gould about the importance of expanding our understanding of US Civil […]

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Neelu Kaur

Do you know how to be your own cheerleader?

Neelu Kaur: Empowering Women for Self-Advocacy Were you raised in an individualistic or collective culture? Based on your answer to this question, you may experience challenges when it comes to self-advocacy and self-promotion. Those of us who come from collective cultures, or are raised by parents in collective cultures, struggle with speaking up for ourselves […]

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Dr. Elena Foulis

Leadership Development in Higher Education for Greater Impact

Dr. Elena Foulis: Teaching students how to “be agents of change” Leadership development and the importance of impacting your community are and should be a significant component of a college education. In today’s episode Ramona talks to Dr. Elena Foulis about her efforts in teaching her students to “Be agents of change.” As Dr. Foulis […]

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Dr. Crystal Kwok

Documentary film “Blurring the Color Line: Chinese in the Segregated South”

Dr. Crystal Kwok: Examining the Complexity of African American and Chinese Relations This month “The Empowerment Zone” is celebrating Asian American Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AANHPI) by featuring Dr. Crystal Kwok and her documentary film “Blurring the Color Line: Chinese in the Segregated South.” Join the conversation as Ramona talks to Dr. Kwok about […]

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Gloria Neal

How DEI&A and ESG contribute to the bottom line

Gloria Neal: Empowering Companies to Maximize their ROI through DEI&A and ESG Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEI&A) are buzz words these days, but how many companies really understand what it means to embrace DEI&A? Join Ramona today as she has a very candid conversation with Gloria Neal about why DEI&A is vital for any […]

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Dr. Mara Perez

The Importance of Philanthropy within the Black and Brown Communities

Dr. Mara Perez: Invest in Your Community Dr. Mara Perez, Founder and Principal of Latino Futures, discusses the importance of Latinos and African Americans engaging in philanthropy—both as donors and as professionals. According to Dr. Perez, the Black and Brown communities must become more involved in the philanthropic sector on multiple levels to ensure the […]

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