Dr. Elena Foulis: Teaching students how to “be agents of change”

Leadership development and the importance of impacting your community are and should be a significant component of a college education. In today’s episode Ramona talks to Dr. Elena Foulis about her efforts in teaching her students to “Be agents of change.” As Dr. Foulis explains, learning how to be an impactful leader in the community occurs inside and outside of the classroom. During this enlightening conversation Dr. Foulis provides educators and community leaders with strategies on how to formalize leadership development in their teaching practices, mentorship, and engaging students in community organizations.

A student-centered educator with over 15 years of experience in higher education, Dr. Elena Foulis is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Language, Literature, and Arts at Texas A&M University, San Antonio. Originally from Matamoros, Mexico, Dr. Foulis now resides in San Antonio.

Highlights from our conversation:

  • Dr. Foulis’s personal and professional background
  • The importance of leadership development in higher education
  • Service learning
  • How to make formal education relevant to students
  • Inspiring students to make a social impact
  • Mentorship
  • Creating connections and widening networks for college students
  • Strategies on how to formalize leadership development in the classroom
  • Strategies for college success

Dr. Elena Foulis

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