Dr. Shaun M. Anderson: Advancing social responsibility in sports

Sports teams and athletes have always influenced social change. In this episode Ramona talks to professor and social responsibility champion Dr. Shaun M. Anderson about the power of athletes and sports teams in impacting and transforming society. His work focuses on the intersections of sports, politics, race, and society. Dr. Shaun M. Anderson is an internationally recognized scholar, author and professor at Loyola Marymount University and founder and CEO of CSR Global Consulting, LLC, a consultancy that advises organizations in building social responsibility initiatives. A native of Arkansas, Dr. Anderson now lives in Los Angeles, California.


Highlights from our conversation:

  • Dr. Anderson’s personal and professional journey in becoming a professor and social responsibility champion
  • Major League Baseball and diversity
  • Olympic Games and social movements
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in sports
  • History of athletes and sports in creating social change
  • Importance of social responsibility in sports
  • How sports teams can be more impactful in their social impact initiatives
  • How to influence athletes to be proponents of social responsibility
  • Strategies for college success

Dr. Shaun M. Anderson

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