Ebony Little: Focus on service and make the business case

Many women of color face multiple challenges at work due to toxic work environments. This results in many individuals not being as productive and resourceful as they could and would be, if they were treated well and felt valued and appreciated. Ebony Little discusses what women of color can do to be proactive in creating meaning in their work and influence change in hostile work environments. Ebony is the Program Director the National Association of African American Insurance Association (NAAIA). A self-proclaimed “army brat,” Ebony has lived in Germany and Florida. Currently she makes Fort Lauderdale, Florida, her home.


Highlights from our conversation:

  • Ebony’s personal and professional trajectory
  • The importance of creating affirming relationships at work
  • Identifying mentors, advocates and sponsors
  • Finding joy at work through service to others
  • Making the business case to employers about changing hostile work environments
  • National Association of African American Insurance Association (NAAIA)
  • How to address personal doubts of speaking up and speaking out at work
  • Strategies for college success

Ebony Little

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