Dr. Sarah Zenaida Gould: Mexican American Civil Rights Institute

Most of the time when we think of US Civil Rights history, we primarily think of it in a black/white dichotomy. In today’s episode, Ramona talks to museum professional and public historian Dr. Sarah Zenaida Gould about the importance of expanding our understanding of US Civil Rights History by including the historical narratives of other marginalized groups and communities. In their discussion Dr. Gould expands upon her work at the Mexican American Civil Rights Institute (MACRI) and her efforts to foster social change through museums. Based in San Antonio, MACRI is dedicated to chronicling and advancing the Mexican American community’s civil rights efforts in the U.S. Originally from Houston, Dr. Gould is the Executive Director of MACRI and currently makes San Antonio, the cradle of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement, her home.


Highlights from our conversation:

  • Dr. Gould’s personal and professional journey and how she developed a love for history and museums
  • Mexican American Civil Rights Institute (MACRI)
  • How museums influence and foster social change
  • Significant influence of the African American Civil Rights Movement on other movements focused on social change
  • Reconstructing history to create narratives that include marginalized groups and communities
  • Importance of challenging stereotypes in books and public spaces that focus on history
  • Reframing distorted historical narratives

Dr. Sarah Zenaida Gould

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