Vincenzo and Gabriela Piscopo: Empowering People with Motor Disabilities around the World

The Wheels of Happiness Foundation is on a mission to empower spinal cord injury survivors and individuals with motor disabilities with the resources they need to reintegrate into society and add value to their families and communities. Based in Atlanta, the Foundation supports people in disadvantaged communities around the world. Enjoy the conversation today as Ramona talks to the founders Vincenzo and Gabriela Piscopo about their journey to building this organization and why their work is so impactful. Vincenzo serves as the CEO of the United Spinal Association and Dr. Gabriela Piscopo is a professor at Morehouse College. Together, they inspire and uplift communities through service. Mark your calendars to join the Wheels of Happiness Foundation for their annual fundraising gala on September 30th, in Atlanta, Georgia, as they celebrate Uganda.

The Wheels of Happiness Foundation 2023 Gala

Highlights from our conversation:

  • Vincenzo and Gabriela’s personal journey as immigrants from Venezuela to the US
  • Founding of the Wheels of Happiness Foundation
  • The various experiences and support systems of people with motor disabilities
  • “The multiplier effect”: How helping others with motor disabilities makes even greater impact on families and communities
  • Wheels of Happiness Foundation 2023 Gala, September 30, 2023, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Celebrating Uganda
  • Strategies for college success

Vincenzo and Gabriela Piscopo

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