EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!! Cleveland, the circus is coming to town!

“The Trump Vanity Circus” has finally made it to Cleveland, and it promises to be well worth the wait! The show is going to be full of delightful entertainment with its highly anticipated attractions along with the unpredictable surprises that always appear in an electrifying show. The air is bristling with energy and excitement as America and the world highly anticipate the extravaganza!

Since childhood, I have always loved the circus. I am from Brownwood, a small rural town located in central Texas. Beyond football season, as a small town there was not a lot to do, so everyone always looked forward to the few festive events that would annually come to our community. There were primarily three big annual events: the Rattlesnake Roundup (I should definitely write a blog about this event in the future!), the rodeo, and the circus. Held in the Brownwood Coliseum, the entire Brownwood community along with people from other surrounding towns would participate in the circus. It was a fun family affair.

Today the circus is being televised—live from Cleveland! I cannot wait! Although I live in Atlanta, where there is plenty to do, the circus, formerly known as the Republican National Convention, will have my attention all week!

There will be plenty of attractions to see at the circus in Cleveland. The gun-toting Annie Oakleys and Buffalo Bills, however, will not be there eager to show off their shooting skills. Thanks to the Secret Service, that part of the show has been suspended. More interestingly, because Ohio is an open carry state, many spectators outside the venue will be there with their guns. Despite the tension surrounding the circus, Republicans should not be opposed to or threatened by this fact, especially since they are the primary advocates for gun rights and open carry laws anyway.

As always, among the main attractions at this year’s circus will be the clowns and the freaks. Does anyone remember the clowns and freaks of circuses past? The modern-day version of these spectacles will be in Cleveland, ready and eager to entertain and amuse us. Mike Pence, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, along with lesser known upcoming circus stars, will be prominent features on the line-up. Could anyone have made up a better list than this one? Unlike the past, however, the categorization of the attractions are blurred. It will be up to you, the audience, to decide for yourself which attractions are the clowns and which are the freaks.

The entire production from the program to the seating chart is being coordinated by the ringleader and head clown/freak himself Donald Trump! Trump is known for his production abilities and showmanship. So, get your peanuts, popcorn and cotton candy, we are in for a treat!

Unfortunately, however, like the Barnum and Bailey Circus, The Trump Vanity Circus, through the directives of its ringleader, has retired the elephants. Due to his own narcissistic and selfish ways, Trump has scandalously removed the elephants from the program so that he could be the central focus of the show. As a result, Trump has totally changed the composition, character and brand of the company.

Upset and angry about the hostile takeover of the Republican Party and its “reconstruction” into a circus, the Republican establishment are sadly and regrettably watching from the sidelines.  With many having been personally insulted by Trump and ashamed of what their Party has become, most of the establishment leadership of the Republican Party have chosen not to attend the circus. They are staying as far away as possible! (See “10 Top Republicans Sitting Out of the RNC Convention.”) Former Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, Republican Presidential nominees John McCain and Mitt Romney, former 2016 presidential candidates, Congressional Representatives, high ranking Republican officials, Republican fundraisers and others have all decided to steer clear of the event. Even John Kasich, the Republican governor of Ohio and the leader of the host state of the circus, has even decided to find something else to do!

Meer spectators to the biggest Republican event of the year, the Republican establishment is chanting among themselves, “Make our Party great again!” instead of “Make America great again!” Trump has taken over the Republican Party and its conservative brand and transformed it into his own party and his own brand. By allowing Trump to run amok for so long unrestrained and unrestricted, the Republicans are responsible for creating this circus. Yes, Republicans have lost control of their honorable organization, and they deserve it.

Despite the loss, the circus in Cleveland promises to be exciting! As always, I cannot wait to see the main attractions, especially after having seen the promotion leading up to the event. This year’s circus will be unlike any other that I have ever seen. It will be unpredictable and full of unanticipated surprises, which will make it even more fun to watch! This is going to be a great week at the circus!

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