In ‘The Empowerment Zone’ Dr Ramona Houston focusses on building the power of the African American and Latinx communities.

In this show we zone in on all aspects of Black and Brown empowerment:

  • We support building economic, political, educational and social power.
  • We advocate for health, philanthropy and service.
  • We champion racial and social justice.
  • We critically analyze current events and issues from our perspectives.
  • We spotlight and celebrate our history, (s)heroes, culture, institutions, organizations and events.
  • We create synergy between our communities, believing that by working together, we increase our capacity and effectiveness in ushering in a better nation and world.

If you are interested in advancing the empowerment of the African American and Latinx communities, join us twice weekly as Dr. Ramona Houston and her guests get into the zone to explore Black and Brown relations and our journey to empowering our communities.

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