I first published this blog in 2012. Since I have begun my Monday inspirational blog this year, I thought it appropriate to republish it. Enjoy!

“Get up! Get busy! And go get your Inheritance!” – Spirit

God has great things in store and stored up for you! You have your own Divine Inheritance that God has created especially for you! During my meditative readings I learned from Emilie Cady in the Complete Works of H. Emilie Cady that, like any other inheritance, you have to go claim your Divine Inheritance.

So many times we lack the morning inspiration to get up with energy and expectation and do the Work that God would have us to do. On other occasions our heart’s desire is so big and intimidating that the thought of it and everything we have to do to get it tend to immobilize us, keeping us psychologically paralyzed. Despite these mental challenges, we must realize that we cannot go and get our inheritance if we are not moving toward it!

Action is a part of the process of receiving our Inheritance. God has so much for us, but we cannot receive it without action. We have to engage in faith-filled action to manifest the desires of our hearts. Many of us need a call to order, a call to action, to get us moving. ​

Spirit gave me my morning alarm, “Get up! Get Busy! And go get your Inheritance!” With Spirit as my wake up call, I arise each morning with enthusiasm, intention and expectation.

Use this morning wake up call or create your own to get you going, so that you, too, may be inspired to go get your Inheritance—everything God has for you!


What inspires you to action? Feel free to share your inspirations below.

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