Podcasting has become a powerful digital tool for educating, enlightening and inspiring people across the world.  That is why I was delighted to be a speaker for the Podfest Global Summit 2021 Women in Podcasting Microcon.

What a wonderful experience to connect with and share the stage with such delightful women podcasters:

Raquel Ark, “Listen IN” podcast
Anu Bhardwaj,  The Sate of Women Podcast Network
Camille Kauer,  “The E-Spot with Camille” podcast
Nicole Walker,  “WinHers United” podcast
Lyndsay Phillips,  “Smooth Business Growth” podcast
Vasavi Kumari,  “Being Human with Vasavi” podcast
Carolina Groppa,  “Angle on Producers with Carolina Gropper” podcast
Leah Glover Hayes,  “Her Story of Success” podcast

Make sure that you check out these podcasts.  All of these women and their shows are absolutely spectacular!

I would also like to send a shout out to Raquel Ark and Anu Bhardwaj for joining me for all of our first appearance on Clubhouse!  We did not know what we were doing!  Yet, we all faced our fears and just jumped in!  What a scary but delightful experience!  To share this adventure with these two wonderful ladies made it extra special.

Thank you to the Podfest leadership team Chris Krimitsos and Andrew Weiss for including me in this event and hosting such an impactful conference.  A special thanks to our leader Wendy Brant for organizing and moderating the “Women in Podcasting Microcon.”

I would also like to express my personal gratitude to Larry Roberts of the “Readily Random with Larry Roberts” podcast for your encouragement, direction and support.  Your advice and guidance was gold.

To learn more about podcasting, attend future Podfest events, and connect with a global podcasting community, visit podfestexpo.com

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