US Embassy Monrovia and US Embassy in Zambia

The world looks to America to inspire their movements for social change, and African Americans have played a vital role in these movements to make America the beacon of hope for the world.

That is why it was such an honor for me to serve as the keynote speaker for two US Embassies in Africa for their Black History Month programs to talk about the impact of African Americans on American democracy.

Thank you to the US Embassy Monrovia, Liberia, and the US Embassy in Zambia, for inviting me to speak to your countries.  I enjoyed our conversations and hope that the discussions make an impact on your countrymen and women.

You may watch the lectures via the Facebook page of each embassy on the links below.

Liberia lecture:  “Learning from History:  The Importance of Diversity in Advancing Social Change.”

Zambia lecture:  “Race in America:  Lessons from Movements for Social Change.”

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