Today is election day 2016, and it is finally time to cast your vote. This historical moment is of immense importance; and considering all that is at stake, there is absolutely no reason why any American citizen, who truly loves this country, should refrain from voting. Your vote will determine not only the direction of our country, but the direction of our world.

I have heard many people express various reasons why they are choosing not to vote. “My one vote will not make a difference.” “I don’t like the candidates.” “Government never addresses my concerns.” And, the list goes on…

Well, let me break it down to you. Every vote is significant. There is no perfect candidate. The person who is in office undoubtedly determines whether your issues will be addressed or not.

In view of all that I have seen, heard and witnessed during this campaign season lasting almost two years, I have concluded that America is at a crossroads. The time has now come for us to decide exactly what type of America we will be. My prayer is that those among us who uphold the ideals, principles and integrity of our country will prevail. We, who believe in the sanctity of America and its institutions; we, who truly believe that together we stand and divided we fall; we, who believe that America, despite its challenges and shortcomings, still has the potential and the political will to live up to its ideals; and we, who want America to remain a shining light unto the world, will press upon the American consciousness the purposefulness to be and to do what is right. Like all thought, it is our beliefs backed by an unwavering faith and steadfast intention that will determine America’s future.

Considering all that is at stake this election year, below are my top ten reasons why you should vote and why you should encourage everyone you know to vote:

  1. Voting is a sacred right.
  2. Every vote counts.
  3. Every vote matters.
  4. Democracy depends on the participation of its electorate.
  5. Every citizen of our country has a voice that deserves and should be heard by our political leaders.
  6. Many Americans have sacrificed their lives to expand the right to vote for all people.
  7. As a citizen you cannot expect your governmental representatives to consider your issues or your concerns, if you do not vote.
  8. America needs the diversity of its citizenry to engage in the political process in order for America to live up to its ideals of being a country of opportunity and prosperity for all.
  9. For America to reach its fullest potential, its citizens must be fully engaged in their civic duties and responsibilities.
  10. Election 2016 is a consequential election that will determine the direction of our country and, moreover, decisively proclaim to the world who we are as Americans.

The rationale for participating in the political process and voting is immensely clear. There is no justification nor excuse for sitting on the sidelines. “Politics in not a spectator sport!”

If you have voted already, bravo! Go out and encourage another person to vote. If you have not yet voted, linger no longer. Get out to vote and take somebody else along! America needs YOU!

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