Marlon Addison: Arousing your fullest potential through Marlon Mentors

Join Ramona as she delves deep into the connection between Emotional Intelligence and Sales with the CEO (Chief Emotional Officer) of “MarlonMentors”, Marlon Addison. Marlon’s vision of and for “Marlon Mentors” is to provide individuals the language to relationally communicate, the tools to socially navigate, and improve their self-talk to unblock their imagination and increase self-esteem. Marlon is a Sales and Marketing Leader and owner of a consulting company called “Marlon Mentors,” which specifically focuses on teaching Emotional Intelligence and Sales techniques to Corporations and Colleges and Universities. A trainer and coach at his core, he pushes teams to listen for the things they are complimented on the most and on what comes easy to and for them; those things are your superpowers.


Highlights from our conversation:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • How emotional intelligence inspires success in sales
  • Identifying your passion
  • Aligning workforce within corporations
  • How to develop relationships
  • Strategies for college success

Marlon Addison

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