Donna P. Riley: Building pleasant work environments through etiquette

Have you ever felt disrespected? Many people are stressed out in the marketplace and in general due to the fact that they feel disrespected. The use of proper business etiquette can eliminate misunderstandings, and using simple common courtesies can make a difference in your everyday work and life interactions. Join the conversation as Ramona talks to Donna P. Riley, who believes we can accomplish more when we have pleasant interactions over the course of the workday. Donna Paige Riley, also known as “The Etiquette Lady,” is the founder of Paige’s Etiquette Seminars, L.L.C., and MSDonnaspeaks.com., companies specializing in personal and professional development training and coaching in the areas of communication skills, public speaking and socialization, customer service, leadership and corporate etiquette skills. She is the author of What is Business Etiquette Anyway? Key Strategies for Building Successful Working Relationships.


Highlights from our conversation:

  • Defining etiquette beyond table manners
  • Value of etiquette in the workplace
  • Praise in public, reprimand in private
  • When correcting others, criticize the action, not the individual
  • Making time to be courteous and considerate of others
  • Etiquette skills and practices
  • Corporate bullying
  • Tips from What is Business Etiquette Anyway? Key Strategies for Building Successful Working Relationships
  • Strategies for college success

Donna P. Riley

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