Rev. Tyrone McGowan: Harnessing faith as a tool to advance social justice

Racial and social justice are in the forefront in American society. Notably, millennials are leading the way in addressing many social challenges through the power of faith. Listen to Ramona’s interview with Rev. Tyrone McGowan today to learn how faith can be used as an act of resistance in the fight against two pandemics: COVID-19 and COVID-1619 (racism and white supremacy). A social justice oriented millennial faith leader, Rev. Tyrone McGowan is the Senior Pastor of the historic Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and the Associate Pastor of Teens and Campus Ministry at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois.

For more information about Rev. Tyrone McGowan, visit https://www.trinitychicago.org/pastoral-staff and https://www.goodshepherdlutheranchurchofrobbinsil.org/our-pastor.html.

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