Melvin Louis Houston: Inspiring others to live healthy lives

At 81 years old, Melvin Louis Houston is a living testimony of health and wellness. A devoted educator, he passionately continues his 51-year coaching career. Listen to Ramona’s conversation with her Uncle Lou as they discuss his philosophy of creating a healthy lifestyle. Interestingly, during his interview you will also learn some Texas history. Uncle Lou discusses his life experiences as a child of desegregation, including being a member of the first African American college track team (Texas Southern University) to run in the Texas Relays in 1962. A native of Brownwood, Texas, Uncle Lou retired in 2002 from coaching at Coronado High School in Lubbock, Texas. Uncle Lou continues to live in Lubbock, currently serving as an assistant coach of girls cross country and track at Estacada High School.

For more information about Melvin Louis Houston, visit https://bit.ly/3aONs9M, https://bit.ly/3u7JFvW, and https://bit.ly/3eDxDUJ.

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