Atty Francisca Fajana: a driving force for economic justice

Latino Justice, formerly the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, uses litigation, advocacy and education to transform the American society. Their work primarily focuses on four issues: voting rights, criminal justice, economic justice, and immigrant rights. Join this impactful conversation today as Ramona talks to Atty. Francisca Fajana, who discusses her work in the area of economic justice. As Atty. Fajana explains, her work in economic justice focuses on three pillars: employment, education and housing. Originally from Nigeria, Atty. Fajana is Senior Council at Latino Justice and lives in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information about Atty.

Franicisca Fajana and Latino Justice, visit https://www.latinojustice.org/en/latino-justice-team/francisca-d-fajana.

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