Dr. Mara Perez: Invest in Your Community

Dr. Mara Perez, Founder and Principal of Latino Futures, discusses the importance of Latinos and African Americans engaging in philanthropy—both as donors and as professionals. According to Dr. Perez, the Black and Brown communities must become more involved in the philanthropic sector on multiple levels to ensure the viability of organizations that serve our communities. Dr. Perez also discusses her publication “Roadmap to Latino Prosperity,” which argues that Latino prosperity is critical to America’s future and is based on four pillars: education, entrepreneurship, workforce development and Latino philanthropy.

Highlights from our conversation:

  • Dr. Mara Perez and her work in philanthropy
  • The Latino Community Foundation
  • Giving Circles
  • Latino Futures
  • The lack of diversity within the philanthropic sectors
  • The impact of white philanthropy on nonprofits that serve the Black and Brown communities
  • Why African Americans and Latinos should engage in all levels of philanthropy
  • Publication: “Roadmap to Latino Prosperity”
  • The four pillars of America’s future


Dr. Mara Perez

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