Nedra Deadwyler: How to maintain culture and community despite change

Are you in a community that is being disrupted and/or destroyed by gentrification? If so, are you interested in preserving the history and culture of your community despite these changes? In this episode Ramona talks to Nedra Deadwyler about the need for communities to protect and maintain their history and culture. According to Nedra heritage preservation is at the root of community building. A social worker, public historian, and published author, Nedra is the Founder of Civil Bikes and Save Your Spaces, nonprofit organizations that focus on building community, creating change, and preserving culture as a means to liberation. Originally, from Atlanta, Nedra continues to make the city her home.

Highlights from our conversation:

  • Nedra’s journey from social worker to heritage preservation
  • Gentrification and its detrimental impact on marginalized communities
  • Ways for people and communities to preserve their history and culture
  • Civil Rights Walking tours in Alabama and how they inspired Nedra
  • Civil Bikes
  • Save Your Space Festival
  • Strategies for people and organizations to preserve their history and culture


Nedra Deadwyler

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