Ricki Fairley: Raising awareness through TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance

Like many health disparities, African American women disproportionately suffer from breast cancer. The statistics are overwhelming. Listen in as Ramona talks to Ricki Fairley about the dangers of breast cancer among African American women. Ricki shares her personal experiences with breast cancer and her work in TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance (BBCA) to inspire African American women young and old to be catalysts for change in their communities. Ricki Fairley is the CEO and Co-Founder of TOUCH BBCA. Ricki is originally from Silver Spring, Maryland. After living in Atlanta, Ricki has returned to the state to make Annapolis her home.

To learn more about Ricki Fairley and TOUCH BBCA, visit https://www.touchbbca.org.

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