Dr. Abel Bartley: Championing history to avoid repeating the past

African Americans and people of color represent tremendous potential, which is not being harnessed. Americans have an obligation to study our past so that we can avoid creating mistakes in the future. Listen to the conversation as two American historians, Dr. Abel Bartley and Ramona, discuss the value of learning history. Dr. Abel Bartley is a Professor of African American and Urban History at Clemson University. He is the current chair of the South Carolina African American Heritage Commission (SCAAHC) and President of the Southern Conference on African American Studies Incorporated (SCAASI). Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. Bartley currently lives in Liberty, South Carolina.

To learn more about Dr. Abel Bartley, visit https://www.clemson.edu/caah/faculty-staff/facultyBio.html?id=88.

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