Dr. Stacy Roberson: An Introduction to Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is an unknown math learning disability. Many students refer to their struggles in mathematics as "needing a tutor,” "not applying oneself,” or "not being efficient in math.” Due to unawareness, students struggle and are forced to make life decisions that alter their futures. In today’s discussion Ramona talks to Dr. Stacy Roberson about dyscalculia. In this discussion Dr. Roberson offers strategies for educators and students to address this challenging issue. Dr. Roberson is the Senior Graduate Recruiter in the Office of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment at Clark Atlanta University. Originally from Texarkana, Texas, Dr. Roberson lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

To learn more about Stacy, visit https://www.facebook.com/stacy.roberson1.

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