Chiquita Lockley and Patrice Gaines: Champions of Restorative Justice

It is a fact: the United States has the largest incarceration rate in the world. With a system that disproportionately criminalizes and incarcerates the poor and people of color, criminal justice reform has become one of the key social issues of the day. Listen in as Ramona talks to author and journalist, Patrice Gaines and filmmaker, Chiquita Lockley about their inspirational short film, “Masterclass: The Patrice Gaines Story.” The film peels back the layers of America’s (in)justice system while highlighting the need for a shift to restorative justice. The film is adapted from Ms. Gaines bestselling memoir Laughing in the Dark.

To learn more about Chiquita Lockley, visit http://www.eggsovereasyfilm.com. To learn more about Patrice Gaines, visit https://patricegaines.com/.

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