Obery Hendricks: Exposing the hypocrisy of right-wing evangelicals

The evangelical right has become a powerful force in US politics. Interestingly, many right-wing evangelicals have used the Bible to justify and promote white supremacy and power as well as marginalize and demonize various groups. In this episode Ramona talks to best selling author and Biblical scholar Dr. Obery Hendricks about his newest book Christians Agains Christianity: How Right-Wing Evangelicals Are Destroying Our Nation and Our Faith. In their discussion Dr. Hendricks uses biblical texts to deconstruct and challenge many beliefs of right-wing evangelicals on key issues of the day such as immigration, homosexuality and abortion, to name a few. Dr. Obery Hendricks is one of the most influential African American biblical scholars in America today. He is currently a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University in Religion and African American and African Diasporic Studies and Emeritus Professor of Biblical Interpretation at New York Theological Seminary.

For more information about Dr. Obery Hendricks and to purchase his book, visit https://oberyhendricksphd.com/.

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