Nick Taliaferro: Re-evaluating and Re-imagining the purpose of the Black Church

The Black Church has always been the center of the African American community, but according to Nick Taliaferro, the role of the Black Church has changed. Listen to Ramona and Nick’s conversation today as Nick explains the societal factors that have influenced this change and what he feels should be the new role of this powerful institution. Nick Taliaferro is a program host at WURD Radio, minister, vocalist and journalist, based in Philadelphia. He also serves as a Contributing Editor to Message Magazine, the nation’s oldest continuously published Black religious periodical.

Highlights from our conversation:

  • History and role of the Black Church
  • Societal changes that have influenced changes within the Black Church
  • Identity and liberation theology within the Black Church
  • Aspiration and prosperity theology within the Black Church
  • How the Black Church can support current social change
  • Why the Black Church should reevaluate its purpose
  • Strategies for college success

WURD Radio

Nick Taliaferro

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