Alberto Sapoznik: The value of having a commercial real estate agent to represent your interest

There are various reasons to work with a real estate agent, especially for business owners and entrepreneurs. Join Ramona and Alberto Sapaznik today as they explore the world of commercial real estate. As owner and operator of 1st Global Realty, Alberto explains the importance of having someone on your side at the negotiating table. Through his work as a commercial realtor, Alberto empowers people to understand the terms of their agreement and contract (lease or otherwise). According to Alberto, business owners should always work with a commercial realtor to help him/her find a location and negotiate the agreement. On top of that, there is no cost to the individual! Originally from Marianao, Cuba, Alberto lives in Roswell, Georgia.

To learn more about Alberto Sapoznik and 1st Global Realty, visit https://1stglobalrealty.us/.

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