Monique Russell: Being comfortable in your own voice

Most of us aspire to exert more power over our personal and professional lives, but do we recognize the importance of communication in self-empowerment? According to Monique Russell, self-empowerment is all about knowing how to communicate authentically and effectively. The way you communicate with others shapes your relationships, and, consequently, your relationships shape your personal and professional life. Listen and learn from Monique on how to build self-awareness and self-confidence, which are key to self-empowerment. With twenty years of experience in the science of Communications, Monique is the host of the “Bridge to U” podcast and leads Clear Communication Solutions, an international training, coaching and consulting firm that focuses on confidently communicating from the inside out. Originally, from the Bahamas, Monique lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

For more information about Monique, visit https://clearcommunicationsolutions.com.

To listen to Monique’s podcast, visit https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/bridge-to-u/id1525102010.

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