Hector Montenegro, Ed.D.: The Four Threads of an Equitable Transformational Educational Leader

Today Ramona talks to Hector Montenegro, Ed.D., about educational leadership. Dr. Montenegro has a long history in education, having served as a math teacher, principal, Chief of Staff for the DC Public Schools and Deputy Superintendent and Superintendent of Schools for three school districts in Texas. Now retired, Dr. Montenegro talks about his current work with Transformative Educational Leadership (TEL) and the organization’s efforts to create a diverse group of purposeful and impactful educational leaders, who are committed to systemic transformation. Dr. Montenegro also discusses his experiences and perspectives on embracing cultural differences and creating a global community. A nationally and internationally recognized educator, Dr. Montenegro specializes in multicultural education, social emotional learning, and leadership development. A native of Los Angeles, California, Dr. Montenegro currently lives in Austin, Texas.

For more information about the Transformative Educational Leadership, visit www.teleadership.org.

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