Dr. Carolyne Opinde: Empowering organizations through The NGO Whisperer Center for Social Impact

The world is going through a rapid transition. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are faced with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) at the local and international levels. What then is the future of NGOs? Listen to Ramona as she talks to Dr. Carolyne Opinde, Founder of The NGO Whisperer Center For Social Impact. Dr. Opinde shares her work and how the NGO Whisperer is empowering NGOs around the world to prosper and make impact despite VUCA. Dr. Opinde also announces and invites listeners to attend “The Future of NGOs Global Summit,” December 8-9, 2022. The virtual summit encourages NGOs, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, funders, and government agencies to attend, learn and share best practices in advancing social impact.

For more information about Dr. Carolyne Opinde, the NGO Whisperer Center for Social Impact, and The Future of NGOs Global Summit visit https://ngowhisperer.com/summit/. Book your early bird ticket before October 31, 2022, and receive a 50% discount.

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