Dr. Deena Gonzalez: What it is like to enter into administration with a scholarly background

As faculty progress through their professional careers, many choose to move into higher education administration. Although these positions require a different skillset and much more time and energy, being an administrator does have its rewards. Administrators have the opportunity to shape the strategy and direction of the institution. Enjoy the conversation today as Ramona talks to distinguished historian Dr. Deena Gonzáles about her transition into higher education administration. Recently named one of the 50 most important living women historians in the US by the Sophia Smith Radfliffe/Harvard project, Dr. Deena Gonzalez is Provost and Senior Vice President of Gonzaga University. Born and raised in New Mexico (14th generation), Dr. Gonzalez now lives in Spokane, Washington.

To learn more about Dr. Deena Gonzalez, visit https://www.gonzaga.edu/academics/academic-calendar-resources/provost-senior-vice-president.

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