Mariela Romero: Embracing change

Everyone has experienced moments of crisis in life. For most of us, these can be very challenging times. After enduring several personal and professional crises, Mariela Romero has developed a different perspective. As she explains, crises are periods of change and opportunities for growth. According to Mariela, we only experience crisis when we choose not to accept change. In this powerful discussion, Mariela shares her personal journey through crises and provides strategies on how to overcome them with grace. Mariela is Univision Communications Regional Community Empowerment Director. She also develops content for special programs and is the anchor, writer, and producer of the award-winning regional news magazine “Conexión Fin de Semana” in Philadelphia, Atlanta and North Carolina. Originally from Venezuela, Mariela lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

For more information about Mariela, visit https://www.univision.com/local/atlanta-wuvg/mariela-romero.

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