Dr. Daryl Harris: The Immense Value of the Performing and Visual Arts

Today Ramona explores creativity with master artist and professor Dr. Daryl Harris. In this delightful discussion Dr. Harris explains how the performing and visual arts help individuals to enhance and expand their creative ability, a skill needed in all professions. He also shares his beliefs on how individuals can tap into their creative powers and Purpose. Having studied and worked throughout North America, Europe, West Africa, Asian and Australia, Dr. Harris is a 50+-year veteran of traditional, experimental, educational and applied Theater. Dr. Harris is a Full Professor of Performance in the Theatre and Dance Program in the School of the Arts at Northern Kentucky University. A native of East St. Louis, Illinois, Dr. Harris lives in Kentucky.

To learn more about Dr. Harris, visit https://www.nku.edu/academics/sota/theatre/faculty-staff.html.

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