Michael H. Ross: Look to Atlanta, the Mecca of Black Business Success

Are you a business or civic leader seeking to develop black businesses in your community? Then, this episode is for you. Listen to the conversation as Ramona talks to Micheal H. Ross about the long and rich history of black business success in Atlanta, starting in the late nineteenth century through the present. Acknowledged by many as the “Black Mecca,” Atlanta is a model for municipalities seeking to build successful black-owned businesses. In their discussion Micheal draws the connection between higher education, government, and business and explains how these sectors have worked in tandem to create an environment and system to produce black business prosperity in Atlanta in multiple areas: small businesses, insurance, construction, music and film, technology, and so much more.

Michael H. Ross is CEO of MHR International, a construction management company in Atlanta, Georgia. He also operates as an angel investor.

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