Dr. Eddie Bonilla: Exploring the impactful history of the League of Revolutionary Struggle

Join Ramona today as she discusses activism among communities of color with Dr. Eddie Bonilla. In this episode Dr. Bonilla explores the far reaching influence of activists from a multiracial organization known as the League of Revolutionary Struggle, which existed from 1978-1990. The organization was led primarily by Asian American women but was attuned to the struggles of local Latina/o, African American, and Asian American struggles particularly in labor, education, and electoral politics. As Eddie discusses, these activists utilized Marxism as a common political language to create solidarities against neoliberalism and Reaganism. Many are still on the frontlines battling injustices in today. Dr. Eddie Bonilla is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Latinx Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Originally from South Gate, California, Dr. Bonilla currently makes Pittsburgh his home.

To learn more about Dr. Eddie Bonilla, visit http://www.history.pitt.edu/people/eddie-bonilla.

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