Tosca Davis and Cedrick Smith: Exploring the African American experience in the workplace

Documentary film-makers Tosca Davis and Cedrick Smith join me to talk about working while black and their film “TO BE US: To Work.” To Be Us Productions creates stories that center black people.

Today we talk about how the experiences of black people at work remains valid, the impact of racism and micro-aggressions, and universality of this issue for employed black people. We also talk about why challenging issues are often not openly addressed and using one’s imagination to foster change.

Highlights of our conversation include:

-Jazz and African-American history
-Which musician influenced Joe to become a musician
-Jazz is part of the cultural evolution of African-Americans
-The influence of jazz
-Positioning our music
-The path of music education
-Joe talks about life as a performer
-Joe's Jazz Joint
-The legacy Joe wants to create
-Where Joe learned about jazz music
-Believing in yourself


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