Midterm Elections 2010

Early voting line in South Fulton, Georgia

For the past few months I have observed and been somewhat disturbed by the media’s portrayal that Republicans are the only party energized for this upcoming midterm election.  The media has been reporting that motivated Republican voters will ensure that their representatives will win the majority of the Congressional seats that are up for reelection as well as other local and statewide positions.  The media portrays the Democrats as being complacent, unorganized and generally apathetic about this election.  According to the media most Democrats are not going to go to the polls in mass numbers in the mid-term election and, consequently, will lose a lot of local and national political power.

Does this messaging seem peculiar to you?

The issue that I have with this media portrayal is that it seems as if the media is actually attempting to promote the idea of Democrats not being engaged with the hopes of its realization rather than it actually being reality.  As everyone knows, consistency and repetition is the key to effective messaging.  Hype the message over and over again and see if we can produce the desired results.  “Democrats are not energized.  Democrats are not going to vote in mass numbers in the mid-term election.  Republicans are excited and organized.  Republicans will win most of the seats in the upcoming election.”

I am here to tell you, don’t believe the hype!

Early voting line in South Fulton, Georgia

My husband Terreon Gully and I went to participate in early voting in South Fulton on Friday.  Our polling precinct was packed!  A long line of citizens were waiting  for early voting in long line that extended outside of the building!  On the other side of town in Dekalb County, my friend informed me that she waited in line over two hours to vote!  I don’t know what is going on in the rest of the country, but if metro-Atlanta is any indication, Democrats are energized and, yes, we are voting–and voting early!

Don’t believe the hype!  Vote on November 2, 2010, and make sure that everyone you know votes, too!

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  1. Comment by Charles

    Charles Reply December 6, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    When you think about just what politics really is the issue of pain may come to mind. After all that are what most politicians bring to the table, pain and job loss and money loss higher taxes. All of those listed items are not fun and they most certainly are rampant in this day and age. Pain fits a politician’s agenda perfectly. The best way to siphon off some of this anger and hostility towards all things political is to speak about President Obama. The only politician that is a trusted source of both intelligence and leadership. The President of the United States, President Obama.

    In the beginning there was light and that light was good. Now the political landscape is a shred of what it once was and the only figure standing tall above it all is President Obama. With a good track record as a fine politician Pres. Obama has been a very good leader in the face of the most traumatic fire-storms the country has seen in a longtime.

    The topic of politics is a very interesting one and a landscape that is peppered with both travesty and disloyalty to public service. Thank goodness we live in a land that not only permits free speech but protects it through a Constitution and Bill of Rights. The end result is that we cannot trust blindly as we have in the past with our elected leaders in office. Once again thanks go out to the President as he and he alone has won over not just the people of his kingdom but the world in general.

    The role of politicians is to govern us. That’s it and that is the only barometer that needs to be discussed and openly discussed without fear and without reprisal. The end-results of a political venue are either good or bad. Either way there will be a judging of sorts on the career of each and every political figure that has or ever will be elected in the United States and abroad. To say that nobody gets out of this life alive is a vast understatement and one that rings so very true. The politics of the 21st century are varied and speculative.

    What do you feel about politics in general? Do you have an opinion either way or do you just not vote or even vote but only to say that you tried? This is your government and this is your life, here on earth at least. Make the right decision cast the right vote towards not only the political futures of these constituents but also for the future of the children our children. The most likely scenario and one that has the most optimistic standings will be the one with the most to lose. That is the people of the United States of America. That is you and you not alone but alone in the reality that if you elect an official and he or she does a horrid politicking job then we all are in deep trouble.

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